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Managed SAN, Managed NAS, Managed Storage

The need for data storage continues to escalate as companies try to manage an explosion of data.

Replacing outdated applications with enterprise-class throughput technologies, such as data mining and picture archiving, means managed storage must rapidly expand to keep up with demand. In response to government and industry regulations, more companies are backing up larger quantities of business-critical data for protection against data outages.

HOSTING managed storage solutions provide the availability and redundancy capabilities organizations need to safeguard their data assets. HOSTING uses leading storage technologies and a fully redundant architecture. Whether it’s dedicated servers, on-demand cloud services, or disaster recovery solutions, we will customize a managed storage configuration to ensure business continuity in the event of a system failure. We offer managed Storage Area Network (SAN) and managed Network Attached Storage (NAS) to deliver 100% availability.

Enterprises are often forced to spread their infrastructure across unconnected, self-managed data centers or use hosting providers for partial solutions. This creates isolated local storage, separate protection practices, and complex archiving and capacity management that tie up resources and risk data loss. HOSTING managed storage solutions — including managed SAN and managed NAS — provide a unified infrastructure that enables organizations to seamlessly store and protect and manage their most valuable information.


Storage Area Network / SAN

Managed SAN offers multiple tiers of storage, allowing you pay for only what you need, based on application performance requirements. The HOSTING Managed SAN solution eliminates any single point of failure and provides access to the HOSTING Customer Portal™ for ordering, editing LUNs and accessing performance statistics.

Common uses for SAN include:

  • Databases
  • Server clustering
  • Messaging applications such as Microsoft Exchange
  • High I/O, transaction-intensive applications

Network Attached Storage Solutions / NAS

Managed NAS simplifies file sharing and management across operating systems and platforms. With the HOSTING managed NAS solution, enterprises can scale without service interruption, free up resources and increase server performance.

Common uses for NAS include:

  • Data sharing among multiple load-balanced web-servers
  • Archival or longer term storage
  • Document retention for compliance purposes
  • Storage available to cloud virtual machines (VMs) and physical servers
  • File-level storage attached to network

Features & Benefits:


  • Support for clustering services including Microsoft SQL Server
  • Support for multi-access data sources
  • Support for raw device mappings


  • Enablement of dynamic growth over time
  • Elimination of CapEx expenses due to upgrades
  • Integrated fault tolerance
  • 24 x 7 x 365 expert support


HOSTING Products
Managed Hosting Services
Managed Hosting Services
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