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Public Cloud, Perfect Fit

HOSTING offers a full range of public cloud environments easily tailored to an organization’s specific business goals and requirements.

For those companies looking for a cloud solution provider that can quickly spin up a server and adjust their resources without the need for a dedicated environment, the search can end here. The HOSTING public cloud is proven to be a perfect fit.

The HOSTING Public Cloud™ is a managed cloud solution built on a highly available, multi-tenant (shared) environment powered by VMware. Each virtual machine (VM) has its own operating system and set of easily customizable applications.

The HOSTING public cloud offers advantages not found with many other cloud service providers including:

  • Ability to specify vCPU and RAM storage. Many cloud solution providers require customers to select from a specific set resources.
  • Dedicated support at no additional charge. Many of our competitors either charge for it or don’t offer this level of support.
  • Ability to easily clone VMs. Most cloud service providers either don’t offer this service or require companies to manually create a VM image, then create a new VM using the image – and charge for image storage.
  • Access to the HOSTING Customer Portal™.HOSTING is the only provider on the market to offer the accessibility, availability and ease-of-use of our proprietary Customer Portal.

The HOSTING Public Cloud allows customers to plan for and address seasonal fluctuations and special events seamlessly. Adjust resources at any time via the HOSTING Customer Portal™ or by contacting your dedicated support team. Our public cloud also features automated failover capabilities, allowing VMs occupying a particular server to be restarted on a standby server, in the event of failure of the original physical server. Should an underlying hardware failure occur, VMs will automatically restart.

Features & Benefits:


  • Integrated fault tolerance
  • Ability to provision and manage through the HOSTING Customer Portal™ and API
  • Available custom network services including firewalls and load balancing


  • Low cost of entry
  • Enhanced scalability
  • Easy and seamless integration with private clouds and dedicated servers
  • 24 x 7 x 365 expert support


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HOSTING Products
Cloud Hosting
Cloud Hosting
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